David Mair at Looking Glass Falls near Brevard, North Carolina.


Years of photo experience:

My first camera:
Kodak 110

Why hire me?
When you hire me, you have input into what I capture on camera. I am dedicated to covering your loved one -- not the game. My editing won't be for speed, mass production or selling as many photos as possible. You'll also have a chance to share with me what you're looking for and learn what I can deliver, leaving nothing to chance.

Where I work:
Greater NC Triangle area + other parts of NC with advanced notice.

What sports I cover:
See here for a catalog of sports I cover + some I typically do not.


My backstory
As a kid, waiting for my photos to return from the lab was as exciting as waiting for gifts at Christmas. I loved my Kodak beginner camera and enjoyed taking pictures - even when the finished photos weren't masterpieces. As a teenager, I purchased a Canon A-1 kit -- my first "real camera". With it, I learned about how photography worked and how to capture moments on film. Since that film was expensive to process, my beloved Canon eventually gathered some dust. Fast-forward several years to when I received a basic Nikon DSLR for Christmas. My passion for photography was renewed and I have spent the last ten years honing my skills. Now, I want to share my gift as a professional photographer and capture memories of loved ones doing what they love most.

What I do
What can I do for you? I'm not a portrait photographer or wedding photographer -- my real interest is in sports photography. If you or a family member participate in sports -- either leisure or competitive -- I would love to help capture some of those moments that you want to remember forever.

What I capture
Whether it's your first 5k, The City of Oaks Marathon, your daughter's first soccer game or your son's Senior Night home football game, I can be on the sidelines, helping you document those great moments. I specialize in helping you preserve those "moments of action" that you'll put up on your refrigerator, frame for your family feature wall, share on your social media and document in your scrapbooks.
Please contact me to talk about how I can help you capture the memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for reading this and I hope there will be memories I can help capture.


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