This page is all about giving thanks to those who have seen it worthy for me to follow my folly (in no particular order).

Chantal - for helping me to put into words what I'm actually trying to say.

Steve - for being a good friend and venturing out with me and sharing an interest -- and being a pretty damned good photographer himself. If I hadn't had someone to start out with I likely wouldn't be where I am.

My wife and kids - for tolerating my "hobby", getting stuck in a place we really shouldn't have been, nearly running off the road looking at potential "photo ops" numerous times, humoring my vacation ideas when it was really a ruse to get photos, letting me follow a passion, being encouraging and tolerating the doldrums that inevitably follow whenever someone is trying to put themselves "out there".

Ian - for being my first customer and giving me a boost I really needed. Whether he knew that or not.

Sarah - for being my first contract photo shoot. I had a lot of fun photographing your children doing tae kwon do despite how nervous I clearly was.

My parents and sister - for being an inspiration and giving me great feedback to improve.

Norm - for being an inspiration, giving great ideas and advice, providing the occasional kick in the pants I needed and being gracious and patient enough for me to fumble through and likely completely @#*% up a few photos in Australia. And, how can I nearly forget, giving me the opportunity to be introduced to 'roos in a way that I will never forget.

Family - for words of encouragement, taking the time to read the blogs and looking at photos -- you didn't have to do that and I appreciate it. It didn't go unnoticed.

My fellow Arcaniums - you know who you are.

Friends - that tolerated me in the early days when I wanted to show them the crap I was peddling as photography. Especially the photo of the American flag that clearly said "Made in China". Thank you for that, I don't know how I missed it.

The a-hole security guard in Raleigh - for making me take notice of my rights as a photographer. I won't be intimidated by you or your ilk again. I actually thought you were a cop too. Jerk.

The parking meter attendant in Raleigh - for asking questions, being respectful and showing an interest in photography and how you and your wife can be better photographers. That meant a lot. Ironically I had to cut our conversation short so my meter didn't run out. :-)

Anyone else - that's taken the time to visit the site, read blogs and buy photos. I have no fantasies of making a fortune in photography but if what I publish and sell can sustain my habit for gear then that's a really good deal I can't refuse. Thank you! :-)