WallRs are custom dye-cut wall decals available in a variety of sizes.  WallRs can be placed on most flat surfaces. As long as the surface is clean the WallR can be removed, stored, or moved to another location with relative ease. Photos are very high quality and only contain your subject, no corporate logos and can be of virtually any subject you wish. Great for your star athlete in any sport or even artistic photos. Don't have your own photo to use for a WallR? I'm available for hire and WallRs can be part of the package. If you already have a photo you'd like to make into a WallR contact me and we can discuss if your photo will work. Photos enlarged to this size must be of very high resolution and focus needs to be extremely sharp. Photos taken with a built in phone camera will, in most cases, not work. For best results the photo should be in the camera's native RAW format. I can provide photo editing services to ensure the image is high quality and ideally suited for WallRs.

Sample sizes and prices:

36" x 36" (9 sq ft) $89.95
36" x 24" (6 sq ft) $59.95
36" x 18" (4.5 sq ft) $44.95
24" x 24" (4 sq ft) $39.95 
24" x 18" (3 sq ft) $29.95 
24" x 12" (2 sq ft) $19.95