First off, thank you for your interest in what I can do for you!

I focus primarily on (men's and women's) outdoor sports including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer

There are other outdoor sports and activities such as golf, tennis, and so forth that I can cover but are not part of my routinely covered events which is why you may not see anything in my portfolio.

Generally speaking I do not cover indoor sports. Indoor sports, such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and swimming, require an investment in lighting gear. To capture professional looking images at indoor venues I don't consider the lighting gear to be optional. Hockey is an exception to this general rule. Hockey in the triangle area is typically played at facilities where the lighting is far better (than your average high school gymnasium) and additional lighting gear is not typically needed; it doesn't hurt that the playing surface reflects all that light back making the venue that much brighter.  Additionally, I firmly believe that in order to capture truly great images the photographer needs to have some level of enjoyment and appreciation for the event. With the exception of ice hockey I must admit that indoor sports don't do it for me (no disrespect to those sports intended). Lastly, in order to get the best shots possible the photographer needs to understand the game and learn to anticipate and even predict a moment in the game. I'm much more capable of this skill with most outdoor sports and hockey, having been a fan of these most of my life. If I don't cover a sport that you desire I'd be happy to recommend a photographer who can!

DId I not specifically mention a sport for which you'd like to hire me?  Contact me and let's talk. If I don't feel like I can deliver the highest quality images possible then I'll be honest and tell you and I'll be happy to recommend someone else who can.

In terms of coverage area, I can be contracted to cover an event within a 50 mile radius of downtown Raleigh without additional charges. For events outside of the 50 mile radius I'll typically charge a nominal fee to help cover fuel costs. If an overnight trip is required (for a tournament, out of state or long distance travel) there's a $100 travel fee on top of all other charges plus fuel costs.