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A black skimmer doing what they do best along the beach on Seabrook Island, South Carolina.An ordinary orb spider with its web nicely backlit along side a two lane highway.Pronghorn resting in a meadow of the Lamar River Valley, Yellowstone National Park, WY.Telephoto shot of the lioness at North Carolina's state zoo. Luckily she looked straight into the camera for this photo.An interesting dragonfly spotted along a boardwalk while hiking through a preserve on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.The lioness of the North Carolina state zoo roars with such a guttural force that you can see her blowing out spittle. She seemed to be showing off a bit for the small crowd that gathered.A pelican sits on a log on Fort Sumter overlooking the sound that is formed by the Wando, Cooper, and Ashley rivers in Charleston, South Carolina.A duck in the Amazonia exhibit at the Smithsonian National Zoo. I couldn't find any information about this duck at the exhibit or on their site which makes me wonder if this duck is a stowaway in theThis interesting character is a Roseate Spoonbill found in the Amazonia exhibit of the Smithsonian National Zoo. S/he was completely comfortable with me getting close to photograph so long as I didn't