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Looking west down the Great Wall of China during Autumn 2017.A look at the Brisbane night skyline from Kangaroo Point across the Brisbane River.An old grist mill preserved inside of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.The Charles Bridge crossing the Vltava River in central Prague.Looking across the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.The Eastern Point Lighthouse just south of Rockport, Massachusetts.Black and white treatment of similar doors in the Forbidden City (to the color version).Black and white shot looking west along the Great Wall.Looking across the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial at dusk.Looking the opposite direction of nearly every shot you see of Rockport, Massachusetts. The lighting in the sky really made this shot.A selective color treatment of the iconic NYPD substation in New York's Times Square.The Arthur Ravenal bridge in Charleston, South Carolina at sunset.Looking out over a valley below the Great Wall of China.Original wooden doors still with gold leaf at the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.The A167 or Tyne Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.Long exposure shot with black and white treatment of the USMC War Memorial.Looking under the A167 or Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, England on a typical UK foggy morning.Looking across the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument at sunrise.View of the Raleigh North Carolina skyline at rush hour in January.Looking across the World War II Memorial fountain to the Washington Monument.